Man-Made Gem Faceting Rough

ICT, INC. was founded in 1970 by Larry P Kelley. Mr Kelley continues presently as the Owner/Founder. His Son, John P Kelley, will most likely take over the business eventually. We manufacturer more varieties of Man Made Gems than any other company on Earth. We make all of the various gems shown on this page. The Garnets we make are not the silicon containing 'soft' garnets mined from the Earth. They are true synthetic structure garnets which are very, very much harder and tougher than the natural garnets. The green garnet we make is an absolutely perfect imitation of fine Emerald. It is harder than genuine Emerald and far, far less apt to crack or get chipped. The same superlative properties apply for the Aqua and Blue Topaz colored garnets also. We are also the only company on Earth to make actual re-crystallized Ruby and Sapphire. We actually purchase very tiny crystals of natural mined Ruby and Sapphire. We load them into an Iridium cup ($85,000+ cost), melt them into a liquid form, and then cool the liquid over a period of weeks til we finally end up with one big solid piece of Ruby or Sapphire. The GIA tells us that they do not 'recognize' the word 're-crystallized'!